Overseas Internships with HELP International 

An integral part of HELP’s model entails recruiting multidisciplinary teams of students and young professionals to holistically design and execute development projects that lead to greater social impact. Our methodology is one that believes strongly that every academic or professional field is relevant, important, and critical in the global fight against poverty. Consequently, HELP may facilitate international internships tailored to a wide range of disciplines and seeks teams that are diverse in background and theory. The difference between volunteering with HELP and interning with HELP is getting academic credit. Everyone that participates in a program is able to put that they were international interns with HELP on their resume, but we clarify the difference here so students are aware that they are able to get credit through their university if they would like to do so. HELP International participants must be between 18-34 years unless otherwise approved.

The following is a list of majors, fields, and internship experiences HELP has facilitated for our applicants in the recent past:

  • Exercise Science
  • Public Health 
  • Businesselsal_0563.jpg
  • Pre-Med
  • English
  • Elementary Education
  • Sociology
  • Photography
  • Spanish
  • Accounting
  • Pre-Dental
  • Recreation Management
  • Child Development
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Human Trafficking
  • Gender Empowerment
  • Art Education
  • Music
  • Anthropological ethnographic research 
  • Math
  • Global Health

If your major isn't listed here, we are still willing to work with you! After talking to your academic advisor and figuring out exactly the projects and hours you will need, let us know so we can set it up for you. We take pride in being able to facilitate the internship experience you are striving to get for your future career and academic goals. 



HELP International’s field interns are provided unique opportunities to put theory into practice and gain real life experience related to their academia or professional career aspirations. We encourage all prospective applicants considering fulfilling an internship with HELP international to contact the office ([email protected]) to discuss specifics of facilitating programs, research, or work relevant to whatever the field they are pursuing. Given the tremendous diversity of applicants we get year after year we are constantly facilitating different options for our interns to gain the most out of their time abroad. 


Field work opportunities to consider :0peru_week_2-6895_square.jpg

- Gain real life experience with poverty-related diseases and work towards the improvement and wellbeing of of the health communities

Work with local health and development practitioners in designing and  mplementing programs related to infectious diseases, maternal & child health, nutrition, family planning, and noncommunicable diseases

- Provide micro-business mentoring to entrepreneurs and recipients of microcredit

- Organize and run community eye screenings, health fairs, deworming campaigns, and dental camps

- Provide general health testing for of blood sugar levels, body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, HIV, HCV, etc.

- Gain experience in the running of a microfinance institution on the ground

- Develop and implement empowerment and recreational programs and activities for victims of trafficking, abuse, domestic violence, and/or physical trauma

- Observe and assist medical professionals in patient assessment and treatment

- Gain classroom teaching experience in underserved schools and facilitate teacher training on interactive learning methods

- Educate women and girls on menstruation, anatomy & reproductive health

- Teach about HIV transmission & prevention while dispelling myths associated with treatment & curability

Internship requirements are different per department and university. Talk to your academic or internship advisor to determine the hours, tasks, and workload necessary to fulfill your internship. In special cases and depending on availability, HELP may award interns with scholarship funding to go toward their program fee.