The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia that is comprised of more than 7,000 islands. Boasting a population of 100 million people, the Philippines tiny land mass is similar to that of the state of Arizona. The dense population has been a large factor in the Philippines’ family oriented culture. Often three generations will live under one roof notwithstanding a very large percentage of the population living in very meager circumstances.

The Filipino people are humble, helpful, and above all else, happy and love to laugh. It is their ability to smile and laugh that makes theirs such a hospitable culture. Filipinos are also very hardworking. Some of the world’s most devastating typhoons roll through the Philippines each year, which often destroy homes and jobs. Even in these tough circumstances, Filipinos always find a way to smile and start rebuilding.

Roughly 85% of the Philippines people belong to a Christian religion. Of that number, almost 95% identify with the Roman Catholic faith. These religious ties go back centuries to when Magellan first came across the Philippine islands in his travels. This ushered in a 300 year Spanish occupation that ended with the Philippines gaining its independence in 1898.