Country Coordinators


Yasmine S.

Yasmine recently graduated from the University of Kentucky with her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. She also studied Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures with a focus in the Middle East. She is passionate about serving others in many aspects. Yasmine has been on service trips to Jinotega, Nicaragua and Accra, Ghana, both working with Global Youth Empowerment. She was a site leader on a trip to the Dominican Republic where she worked with community partners on educational projects. Yasmine enjoys embarking on new adventures and meeting new people. She loves a good cup of coffee, smiling, traveling, and the company of her family and friends! 

Bryce B.
Becca D.


Brooke T.
Hannah B.

From a young age, Hannah has always had a passion for seeing the world and experiencing new cultures, new food, and new adventures! In 2015, she took her first trip with HELP International to Suva, Fiji and ended up staying for 5 months! While in Fiji she had the opportunity to collaborate with the World Health Organization by implementing Healthy School Programs in rural communities, which fostered her love for public health and global development. For the last two summers, Hannah has travelled with HELP International to volunteer in Moria Refugee Camp, where she became heavily impacted by the circumstances and has since lectured on the refugee crisis in a university setting. In May of 2018, Hannah graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Public & Community Health Education while also becoming a Health Education Specialist. She is excited to head back to Fiji for the third time with a great group of volunteers who are eager to dive into the culture!


Alyssa S.

Alyssa is a Utah native who loves traveling, power yoga, hiking, surfing and being surrounded by the people she loves. She fell in love with international humanitarian work while spending a month in Kenya with Youthlinc in 2013. Since then her passion and education have taken her all over the world and country for international development, humanitarian aid, international education, study abroad and personal bucket list travel.  She graduated from the University of Utah in 2017 in International Studies & Global Health and has grown her experience and career path into international program creation and management. She loves empowering students and young professionals to create life-changing opportunities for themselves (locally & globally) that will positively impact their futures and communities.  Currently, Alyssa works for HELP as the Volunteer Coordinator and will be the Country Director for India this summer. 

Jordan B.

Jordan is a Washingtonian, people lover, Mexican food eater, rock climber (in training), soccer player, Spanish speaker, an adventure seeker, and a constant learner. He will never turn down being taught a new skill, and as long as he is with good people it doesn't matter what he is doing. Currently, he is pursuing a political science degree in preparation for law school. One in a  family of seven, Jordan can't wait to give back to the people of Fiji.

Loes t.

Loes finished her masters in Strategic Innovation & Entrepreneurship a few years ago. During her masters she was chairman for a project in Ethiopia which focused on helping small entrepreneurs set up their own businesses and provide micro credit. After completing her masters she began working with undocumented refugees in the Netherlands. For the last two years she has worked off and on in Greek refugee camps for different NGO’s. That is where she first got in contact with HELP International. She has loved the HELP approach; providing service and knowledge based on what locals think is the highest priority and need. She loves to work with local NGO’s who know what is going on in the country. Loes is an advocate for human rights, and has solo travelled to Africa and Asia. She has yet to visit America! She loves to bond with locals and enjoys the special moments when they give you insight in their lives and invite you to meet their family, eat food, and drink tea.


Bennett G.

Bennett is graduating from Brigham Young University in April '19. He is studying Global Supply Chain Management but has a background in sustainable development. He loves spending time with others, adventuring outside, and meeting new people. Bennett has a strong love for Africa. As a student at BYU, he spent time running a solar lamp business in Gulu, Uganda. He is excited to return to Uganda and work with look organizations to bring change to the people living there.

Monica W.

Monica studied Experience Design and International Development as an undergrad at Brigham Young University and has loved how the two fields come together in surprising and meaningful ways. She is passionate about sustainable development and loves working with locals in whatever country she is in to make to a difference. She loves learning about different cultures, playing guitar, singing, reading, and watching/critiquing film.


Jordan D.
Braxton A.

Braxton is originally from Detroit, Michigan, however he lived over half his life abroad in Japan, Mexico, China and Cambodia. He believes life is an adventure, and has been to almost 40 countries! Braxton is a Psychology major and International Development minor, interested in introducing psychological health practices to other countries, and doing leadership and management training. He has a passion for learning the histories of other countries, understanding foreign cultures, and helping individuals make the most out of their life. In his spare time he loves to read fantasy, talk about philosophy, play basketball and cook a good meal.

Melody A.

Born in a small town in Tennessee, Melody is a southern girl that moved to rainy Seattle and easily called it home. Cambodia really claimed her heart when she lived there for 18 months. As a Political Science and International Development student at BYU, her spark for travel and love for learning about and understanding people and cultures from all over the world has caught fire! She has a passion for education, her own and others, and for living up to her potential while helping others to do the same.She loves to experience new exciting places and old familiar ones by hiking, running, finding the best bookstores and vinyl shops, and swimming in every body of water. Most of all, she believes good food is what really matters. She is excited to call India home this summer!