Country Coordinators

Jaren N.
Chet O.
Jayla L.
Sierra H.
Volunteer Coordinator
David W.
Jordan B.
Development Coordinator

Jordan is a Washingtonian, people lover, Mexican food eater, rock climber (in training), soccer player, Spanish speaker, an adventure seeker, and a constant learner. He will never turn down being taught a new skill, and as long as he is with good people it doesn't matter what he is doing. Currently, he is pursuing a political science degree in preparation for law school. One in a  family of seven, Jordan can't wait to give back to the people of Fiji.

McCall B.


Brooke T.

Brooke was born and raised in South Jordan, Utah. She graduated from BYU with her Bachelor's in Special Education. She taught for two years before starting graduate school at the University of Utah studying public health. Brooke loves hiking, being around family and friends, and traveling! She especially loves the Pacific Islands after living in Vanuatu and Tonga, and she can't wait to be in Fiji!