Corporate Partners

Let us take your business further:

Today, many consider profit and social-environmental benefit to be inextricable. More businesses are adopting corporate social responsibility into their models in efforts to give back. On one side, enterprises benefit from an added sense of pride, fiscal benefit, and responsible philanthropic investment. On the other, consumers prefer to support companies engaged in bettering social inequities; often switching brands or services to support those associated with global good. 

HELP partners with private companies to connect their mission, vision, and product with social issues abroad. In this process, these corporations outsource the sustainability, accountability, transparency, and responsibility of the allocation of their give-back funding to HELP International. HELP International then conducts the appropriate needs assessment, community engagement plans, and follow-up to then present a list of potential causes in need of corporate funding support. Finally, HELP facilitates volunteer engagement opportunities for staff of our corporate partnerships to travel abroad and participate in the actual grass-root projects they are supporting.

With a sustainable for-profit financial model to cover most overhead expenses, HELP International is able to allocate corporate funds almost entirely to project costs on-site.

At HELP International, we know the power of holistic collaboration  between government, businesses, nonprofits, and target communities. We are continually seeking corporate partners to scale our impact and work with us in our mission to help empower people to fight global poverty. A remarkable catalyst for scalability in our own efforts worldwide include successful collaboration with the for-profit sector. If you would like to speak with us about setting up a partnership with your organization, please fill out our Custom Experience Application.

Proof Eyewear - HELP International Corporate Partner

El Salvador Project Impact

  • 1,000 + children given visual acuity screenings with subsequent eye care and cataract surgery removal
  • Investment capital granted to agricultural entreprenours to scale income generating farming
  • 19 families granted home reconstruction materials after being left homeless from tidal wave
  • Mountain community granted cocoa beans as a means to generate aditional household income and promote reforestation
  • Community Center constructed in community living in extreme poverty 
  • Supplies donated to girls orphanage accompanied by empowerment and self-esteem building activities 



Rock Solid - HELP International Corporate Partner

Cajamarca Christmas Project Impact

  • Stove building; reducing health and environmental risks associated with cooking over open fires
  • Adult women's literacy workshop
  • Recreational activities with local youth
  • Health screenings to monitor malnourishment
  • Christmas party for 90 children from impoverished hill community
  • Delivery of care packages - consisting mostly of warm clothing & food - for needy families







Live Like Eric Foundation - HELP International Corporate Partner

Peru Water for Life Project

Help International in partnership with LDS Charities and Live Like Eric ( went to Peru to work on bringing clean water to communities in Pucallpa. Over 50 squatter settlments received access to water wells and participants taught public health workshops focusing on the prevention of waterborne diseases to communities and government health workers.