Rebuilding Children’s Football Team in Al-Raqqah Syria






Together with Kaukab, an empowering and sustainable clothing company sharing love with their arabic designs, and us at HELP International, we raised $1000 to help two children's teams buy needed equipment for football training in Al-Raqqah, Syria. Now Alforat club and the Alshabab club are up and running after being shut down by the war for 8 long years! 




Al-Raqqah, Syria has been in the heart of the war. It is the homeland of more than 200,000 souls that were taken over and completely controlled by ISIS and in the end bombed multiple times a day by various countries. Caught between military forces, the families and civilians suffered destruction beyond what most of us can comprehend. After the dust settles, those that are left are forced to rebuild from nothing, and we are here to support them in the ways we are able, even if it is only a start. With this startup money the two teams were able to purchase some balls, cones, scrimage bibs, and more!

It’s not just the buildings that must be rebuilt. The children of Syria deserve a childhood, the parents deserve the normality of taking their children to a game and feeling safe, and the families deserve to be reminded that we as an international community haven’t forgotten them. Thank you to everyone who donated to HELP International or bought one of the beautiful and inspiring arabic language t-shirts from Kaukab.  Help us to continue supporting our young teams by making a donation here.



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