Football Jerseys from The Hope Project!




A day working at Moria is challenging at times, but also wonderful. Playing games, chatting with people, teaching english, and making coffee. Although nothing compares to the day we get to take the minors out to play football. You can tell by their enthusiasm that they are eager to escape Moria for a couple of hours and also to play a good game of football with their friends on a beautiful field.




This week we were really lucky!  An organization we work with called The Hope Project got a rather large donation of football jerseys and socks, and since they knew we have a football program for minors, they decided to pass on their donation to HELP. The boys were excited to learn that who participates in soccer will receive their own football jersey and a pair of socks to wear to football every week.





We first had to decide how we wanted to distribute the jerseys to the minors as distribution is always a complicated process. First we had to decide if we wanted to gift the minors the jerseys or keep to wash them ourselves every week. It was a quick and easy decision to give minors their own jersey to call their own. The actual distribution process went extremely well!. We laid out jerseys on the field with a pair of socks and let the two teams pick out their own. It was great to see how the minors reacted when giving them their jerseys. The smile on their faces was the greatest gift and the boys were proud to show off their new gear with plenty of selfies!