Hope Project Warehouse

September 30, 2018

The weather is quickly changing as fall rolls in here on Lesvos. Although the temperature hasn’t dropped too low, wind and rain has made for some chilly nights this past week. We had a request from our friends at the Hope Project warehouse to send over volunteers to help pack up summer clothes and start unpacking the winter gear.


The Hope Project warehouse was set up last year as conditions in the camp were inhumane, with many families and individuals in Moria still living in summer tents. The warehouse began to provide hats, gloves, scarves, socks, snow boots, blankets, sleeping bags, strollers and basic hygiene supplies. An average of 30-40 families are being served everyday!


As the weather changed to a brilliant Greek summer, families with a new need for t-shirts, shorts, and swim suits starting coming in. And now we are back to winter prep. Most of our days were spent sorting through current racks and bins to keep the warmer clothes and box up summer ones.


As families and individuals from Moria camp come into the warehouse, they are given a hygiene kit full of basic needs. Then they are presented with shoes and various clothing items that they get to choose from. It’s always a pleasure to see new families leave with bags full of warm clothes and supplies for the winter!






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