Dental Classes in Moria


We recently met the coordinator and a board member of an organization that also works in Moria. They are called Health Point Foundation, and their volunteers are dentists from all over the world who come to provide oral education and dental hygiene/work for refugees in Camp Moria. 




After describing to us the lessons they teach, we invited them to teach a class to our new minors in Section A. The boys were very excited to gather for this 30 minute class to learn how to better take care of their teeth and gums. Health Point Foundation taught a great class prepared for their age group. They talked about how correct brushing techniques, frequency, and eating healthy will help with oral hygiene. They even had a giant toothbrush and set of teeth to demonstrate! We ended the class handing out flossers and toothbrushes for everyone. We were so delighted with how many questions the boys had, and they really thought it was funny when to end the class, one of the teachers asked, “do you want to be married?” Yes,” they said, surprised. “Then brush your teeth!” They all laughed and that seemed to be good motivation. ☺


--Kylie & Natalie, Greece Coordinators 

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