The Hope Project – The Art Center

Working on the island, it’s interesting to meet people that have been here since the beginning of the crisis. All the way back to the beginning of 2015. Their stories are sorrowful, but they have also witnessed the love people have for one another in a difficult situation. The Kempsons have been here since the beginning and have been providing aid to refugees since 2015.

Our team would help on The Hope Project – The Art Center. Eric Kempson is an artist and he envisioned a place where it could be peaceful for artist, musicians, anyone needing to escape their reality living in a refugee camp. Our team loved working in The Art Center because we quickly learned how much calmness art can bring you. Also, working alongside Eric Kemspon was enriching because of the knowledge and stories he shared about refugees and other people he has encountered along the way.

At the Art Center our team worked on painting and getting the Art Center to look pretty. Eric already had a vision of what he wished the place would be so we helped to make it real. We painted the walls, stairs, tables, etc. We prepared the canvas area for the professional painter, Mahmood. Mahmood arrived on the island a little while ago and now he is a refugee living in the camps. He painted the entire mural and helped Eric with ideas for the design of the warehouse. Another professional painter living in the camps, Joseph, worked on traditional African paintings to represent the diversity seen on the island. Their work is beautiful and extremely impressive.

In the Art Center Eric Kempson wanted every illustration to represent something. He had the big mural made by Mahmood. In addition, he had people’s faces along the stage and on the wall. All these people are volunteers that had been with the Kempsons in the Art Center or the Warehouse which is located next door. The volunteers come Holland, Switerland, France, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, America, etc. illustrating the volunteers, Eric showed how important they have become here on the island. Without them many NGO’s wouldn’t be able to do the work they are working on.


As much as we love working in Moria Camp, working in the Art Center is a day well needed. Moria can get a little chaotic, but that is expected when placing thousands of people in a tight space. We are thankful that the Kemspons let us be a part of this project and always sharing with us their experience and stories about refugees. The Art Center is still new, but the relaxation and joy it brings to refugees is already being seen and we hope it’s around long term so it can begin to change people’s lives.