Hello From the Fall team!

Hello from the Help International Greece Fall 2018 program! We could not be happier to have a wonderful team here. The fall program is continuing our efforts with refugees here in Camp Moria, where we are involved in many social projects, such as teaching kids education classes, adult English classes, and football activities. We also work in a refugee community center nearby where refugees can come for meals, classes, a gym, a playground, to see a barber or tailor, etc.

The second day here we took our volunteers north on the island to a city called Molyvos, where there is the life jacket graveyard. We learned that day that the current count of people who have died in the waters between here and Turkey is now 48,000. To see the mounds of life jackets, and think about the lives they represent, was a powerful experience. The visual of all those life jackets helped us to think about what all the refugees we work with in the camp have been through.

To be able to work here in such dire situations is truly a privilege. And while it can be incredibly challenging and exhausting, it’s a wonderful feeling to be working in the pursuit of a better world, combating the evils that surround us. It’s very eye-opening and heart-expanding to work with people who are escaping from terrible circumstances that they did nothing to deserve. These people need a voice. And they need a shred of normalcy, education, safety, exercise, laughter, and love. My heart feels overflowing with that love to give to this part of the world, and I already don’t want to think about how it will feel to leave here.



Kylie, Greece Country Coordinator