CPR Project

For the last several weeks,  Alli and I have been working on putting together a project to teach a CPR/First Aid class. Alli is a nurse and I am studying pre-nursing, so it’s a project we REALLY wanted to do! We got lucky because the owner of our house happens to be one of the head nurses at the hospital, so we were able to work with her on it. She put our team in contact with an ER nurse that often teaches CPR classes in the community. We were invited to go to a school with them to see how they presented and taught the class. It was really interesting, educational, and fun! The ER Nurse, Fong, was a great teacher and knew how to make the students laugh and have a good time. 

Once we had an idea of what we wanted to do, we began by putting together a powerpoint presentation on the purpose of CPR, who needs it, how to do it, and a short presentation on basic first aid for deep cuts and broken bones. We were also able to put together First Aid kits for 5 different villages which was a lot of fun. We called 5 different villages and asked them to send 5 adults and 5 youth to come to this class to help teach as many people as we could. We held the class at a local clinic, and Fong was able to bring dummies from the hospital for us to demonstrate with, and for people in the class to practice on!

The turn out was great! There were about 35 people there to learn & participate, which made us so happy. The best part about the class was how the villagers took it very seriously by asking questions, practicing, making sure they understood the steps, and how to use the resources in the first aid kits. We also provided printed handouts to help them remember what we taught them, and to have as a reference in case they ever needed it. They were very grateful! It is so fulfilling to teach these amazing people new skills, especially skills that can potentially save lives. We are so happy that this goal of ours was made into a reality, and we are so grateful to our coordinators and translators for helping us make it all happen!