Work and Weekend Updates!

Work Update:

More of the same at work this week as we make great progress at the hospital! Everyone here has been steady with hospital work and now we are just working through different projects around the hospital that can use work. Usually the  mornings are for triage, antenatal clinic and rounding and the afternoons are for other projects. We finished tilling the last of the garden this week and are getting ready to plant.


We also started working on the records room in the hospital, which is currently a disaster. 



Their problem is that the hospital doesn't have the staff to reorganize the records and when they can't find a folder in the mess, they just make a new one and make the problem even worse. We are making good progress though. 


Weekend Update:

I would not be surprised if this weekend was the peak of our trip. Friday was a national holiday so everywhere was closed. Earlier in the trip we had made a friend who offered to take us out to an island on a picnic with his family, so we ended up doing that on Friday. We took a transport about 30 minutes to a river and then rode in a skiff out to the island. It was about 1 km around and one of the coolest places I've ever been to. We got dropped off on a white sand beach and took off into the woods to explore. A few of us plus some kids ended up climbing some vines up a cliff and into a tree to get to an old platform we saw from the beach. After we climbed out of the tree we bushwhacked through the forest and made it out to a point where we were able to walk out onto the coral shelf and around the island.







Before lunch we went out snorkeling. Visibility was terrible for the first couple hundred yards because of the tide coming in, but we eventually hit a reef and the water got better. 




I saw a 6 foot blacktop reef shark about 20 yards out from me at one point. Didn't get any pictures because it was too fast, but I'll get a photo at some point I'm sure. 


We came back in for lunch, which was cooked in a Lovo (a ground oven covered with leaves).



We had lobster, pork, chicken, fish that had just been caught, cassava, taro and coconuts and washed it down with fresh coconut water.





After lunch, we went back to the mainland and played rugby and volleyball with the Fijians until it was time to head out. Definitely a solid day. 


On Friday morning, we met up with another friend we made to take us to a sea cave. Rode in a transport for about a half hour until we came to a dirt road, which lead to a trail, which lead to a beach. After waiting for the tide to go down, we walked through the sharp lava rock to get to the cave opening. 


The open top made it super nice to swim in, and it wasn't directly open to the ocean, so the water was always calm. After we explored the cave, we climbed out kept going along the shore to another small island. This one was on the rock shelf so we could walk all the way out to it. 



We snorkeled, swam around and jumped off cliffs for a good part of the afternoon. Such a good time








Don't know how I'll ever beat this weekend-- 

Ben, Fiji Volunteer 




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