Sports and Drama Day

All summer, we have been prepping for a Sports Day and Drama presentation at Elite Christian Academy Primary School. The school is unique for most schools in Uganda. In addition to focusing on traditional subjects of study, they are seeking to create a holistic form of education by adding sports, swimming, drama, art education, and more time outside. In addition to a well-rounded education, they are also really involved with the parents.


The school is breaking ground by changing the way education works. This summer, we have done nutrition education, teacher feedback, behavioral plans, and more. This past Saturday, there was a gala presented to the parents of plays directed by our HELP volunteers. Each class acted out skits complete with costumes based off books the students were reading.


The parents loved seeing their children perform, and it was many of the student’s first performing experience. They loved being able to have their literary education come to life. After the skits were complete, the students completed in various sporting activities against each other. For some events, teachers and parents even competed against some HELP volunteers. They had a soccer game, races, tire runs, sack races, three-legged races, egg walks, and bottle filling. The children who won were so proud of themselves and received medals to pose with on a winner’s podium. All the children had such good attitudes. Even those who did not win or perform well, they exclaimed how much fun they had and did not care they lost. They were happy to be there and loved how much they learned. It was a great opportunity to engage the community along with the children.  After weeks of preparation, the results were fantastic!