Working in the Special School


We love working in the Special School! It’s a school of 24 children who are each different. Some have learning disabilities; some are behind because of circumstances growing up. There are some who have mild autism, some more severe, one in a wheelchair, and one has one of the rarest conditions in the world, with only a hundred surviving people on the planet like her. Working at the school is a challenge that our volunteers have faced with excitement, love, and patience. They are like celebrities when they walk by the school, with all the kids yelling their names, and they always run and give us the best hugs!
Usually we help with homework and aide in teaching classes. Today, the girls (Dana, Wyn, Hannah, Natalie and Heather) came up with a creative way to teach colors, letters and have a bit of fun. Little did I know that Dana knows how to make all sorts of balloon animals. The kids had a wonderful time, and so did we!! They are a rambunctious lot, and they loved those balloons!


Kylie Marks, Fiji Country Coordinator 

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