So many partners!

I’ve gotten to work with so many different partners in my short 4 weeks here in Uganda; my favorite was the Loved Child Center. Some of the babies have the most heartbreaking stories, but watching them, we would never know it. Every morning we’re there as volunteers, we’re greeted by the biggest smiles on the tiniest kiddos running up to give us hugs and high fives. They’re always happy and love playing with us!

The center is a safe place for the babies to go while their parents are working. The staff members there are doing a great job taking care of everyone! After brainstorming with the staff, we were able to find a few health-related topics they were wanting to learn more about, in order to make sure they were providing the best possible care for the babies. We had a really fun and successful training on first-aid and emergency preparedness! The staff was able to use hands-on practice with dolls, and our team made sure all of their questions were well answered. They seemed more confident in their ability to handle potential emergencies with the babies in the future.

I’m really going to miss my weekly volunteering time with both the babies and the staff! They have definitely been the highlight of my weeks here in Mbale! I’m super excited for their bright future.


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