A Day in the Life of a Muzungu

Today the team awoke early to prepare for our meeting at Home of Good Hope Orphan School in Mugiti. We walked towards town until we found enough bodas to carry the five of us. After Becca and Craig bargained the bodas for a few minutes, we both compromised and were only slightly ripped off at $5000 shillings per boda. Transport by boda is like learning to ride a bike- fear then serenity in simultaneous fragmented moments.

Once arriving in Mugiti, we were greeted by Dan, the director of Home of Good Hope and unexpectedly ushered to a table with tea to honor our arrival. All of our partners here are very eager to serve us tea and food regardless of their provisions and our time schedule.43JSYalhynBpJFaz3lZM84R_ZdOeZg9AXHW82f3HiXUymvXOK1c5u_NIJyt7pFVgubVtuHItpZRPCIofucd-5hT1ozB-LPULjPDsTUaWK_m0nmZIKxvbmjTq-751N1btPIF7OhiS

Mugiti is a community of farmers dedicated to improving the lives of everyone who lives there. This beautiful concept instilled in the community members makes our work here much easier.

Our goal with the community is to assist their self supported orphan system. They all pool together to provide funds, food, school and clothes for over 200 orphan children in the community. 36 of these children live at the orphan school, and the others live in poor conditions at homes with many many other children. Polygamy is still common in Mugiti which is one cause of many of these underprivileged children.

Our tour through the gorgeous and lush Mugiti began on one way walking trails through corn and sweet potato fields and ended nature mango and jackfruit trees. I can not believe how absolutely beautiful this village was.

After the tour of the community, we went back to our honorary table and were treated to a Ugandan feast. Here Dan proposed two income generating activities he wants HELP to initiate with Home of Good Hope. These poultry and carpentry programs would presumably initiate a source of income for the school itself so they can rely less on the funds of community members.  d0HpPD8e5-ky08ZS9DT6DVlRUmTR12VaRvEt0iVWKz1-UCMVdmc6rPxMaM6WokV8uumRFm-G-hC1kMHB_tm_dCn7VezPWo-tAbuxGENWfXuIAyly0Pp4r2d5uXf4hyUpCkpIzjHD

From the hearts of the people to the thriving vegetation and the unity of human souls coming together to support one another. We are all very excited to help Dan with different projects to improve the school for the children and financial burden for the community.


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