Weeks 7&8:Goals

These past 2 weeks have been super busy! One of the main projects we’re focusing on is helping the community in Casa Grande fundraise for the company Gloria to build them bathrooms. We’re going to teach them how to make american desserts like pudding, rice krisipies, and brownies. We gave them samples last week and they loved them! We also interviewed a lot of the women about their current situation and yeah, my Spanish sucks but I actually managed to hold a conversation so that was cool. Clean water and lack of bathrooms is a big problem for everyone as well as lack of healthcare. I asked how they were doing emotionally and the three women I talked to all said they were sad because their homes were gone and they’re worried about their families in case more floods come. I wish we had endless funds to just build everyone homes.

In Rico Seco the families are trying to prove to the government that they have been living on their portion of land for over 3 months so they can continue to live there. I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to stay, which is great news. Even though it’s just a ton of tents lined up, they’ve made it their home now. We helped them build garden boxes recently as well, so they have to spend less money buying vegetables and can just grow their own. This past week they cooked for us to say thanks it was the best meal of Aji de Gallina ever!

English is going great! I love my students haha, Julia is my new partner and she’s super fun to work with. We gave them a practice assessment this past week and everyone did really well! I was pleasantly surprised considering some of them spoke close to absolutely no English about 6 weeks ago. I’m here for healthcare but teaching has taught me a lot. It’s hard work! Preparing lessons and working with certain students with different skills and specific needs. I’m grateful for all the teachers in my life – academic or not.

There was another health campaign yesterday and so we teamed up with Vive Peru and the government to travel to El Milagro #fiesta. Lots of blood drawing and vital taking! Those are always fun even though the kids cry when they get their finger pricked. So many people will look at me after I take their BP and ask, “esta bien?” I’m not a healthcare provider yet, but I know one day I’ll be able to advise and prescribe medication to people with hyper/hypo tension and low hemoglobin counts.

I decided this past week to run a marathon. Haha. I hate running. When I get back home in less than a month I’m going to start training for some 5ks in Rexburg this fall and aim for completing the Teton Dam Marathon in Idaho next summer. I only have 4 semesters of school left! So 2018 will be a year of lasts for me.

My old friend from high school from high school recently published a book called “Fine Mess” on Amazon. Search her name, Numera Dehri! We don’t keep up anymore but I credit her with helping me develop my love of writing in elementary/middle school. That was a long time ago but I still have all our short stories of our own versions of Harry Potter or what it would be like when we went to college. It reminded me of how often I used to read and write – how many stories I started and never finished. I started a novel in 2010 when I was a Sophomore and it’s still saved on my USB.

All those things you’ve wanted to do? Yeah, you should do them. So I think I’ll finish my book, run a marathon, and even take up Yoga because being a Yogi sounds cool and why not? They have some intense power poses and the use of balance and energy in the body and life is something I need to harness. Also, I’m as stiff as a stick and one day I won’t be able to all these things anymore. I think a lot of people think their lives are mediocre and boring – I know I do that all the time.

So move. You are not a tree. Do all the things you’ve wanted to do and no, you don’t need a ton of money. Read a new book, try creative writing or just write your own book, start jogging, keep a journal/blog, get a cool certification (I’ve always wanted to be an EMT), teach yourself a skill from YouTube, start a YouTube channel, or sell your junk on Ebay and see what happens (I’ve done this and 10/10 would recommend haha).

They say everyone needs 3 hobbies – One to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.

So I guess I’ll keep stalking my PA friends on insta, start running and doing yoga, and finish my novel.

But until then, my time is Peru is going by QUICK. Until next time!