Well it has been awhile since my last post! So much has happened since then but here is a rundown of all the most thrilling things I have experienced. Medical doctors,dentists,therapists,and pharmacists from Mississippi came to provide free healthcare to the Peruvian people of Cajamarca. We were unsure of where the church was that we would be translating for these medical professionals, however we found it quickly by following the HUGE line of people. I guess people had been up since 4am to wait in line for free healthcare and medicine. 

One of the first patients who came in was an elderly woman who walked in limping and was in a tremendous amount of pain. The doctor informed us that the lady had the tightest inguinal ligament that she had ever encountered. While the therapist was providing the patient with manupilation I was able to talk to the individual. She began to cry and I assumed it was from the trigger point release however the lady was praying and was extremely thankful that she was finally getting the care she had prayed so much for. She began to cry even more, informing us that she has been unable to read her bible to due to poor eyesight. She was given glasses that meet her needs and she was relieved of her pain. The lady walked out thanking everyone a million times and had no limp and a fresh pair of glasses. That feeling was something that I wish I could experience on a daily basis.

The rest of my week consisted of many other projects, one of which included working with the children of Cajamarca. The children who attend our projects are child laborers who work roughly 6 hrs a day. These kids think nothing of it, but this time is replacing valuable educational opportunities . We provide the children with an array of books to take home and read, and when they return the following week, we discuss their book and provide them with a new one. These kids are so happy all the time and will run up to you and hug you everytime you see them. I look forward to working with them for the remaining weeks. Once the weekend aprroached, we were able to adventure Peru.

After a LONG day of taxis,flights, and buses, we had arrived in Ollantaytambo.


This town is absolutely gorgeous and I probably could have stayed here for a whole extra week. Full of incredible scenery which included the beautiful Andes mountains and Incan ruins! We were able to stay here for a day which was full of shopping and exploring. The following day consisted of none other than Machu Picchu.

My trip to Machu Picchu could be a whole post on its own. We arrived to Machu Picchu at around 9am to give us time to climb la montaña Machu Picchu. This is typically a 2hr hike which Michael and I were able to cut in half. This hike was not one for the weak due to its narrow paths and vast amount of steps. Here’s a little insight of what our climb looked like.


Although this climb was a tough one that gave us a run for our money, the view at the top is so worth every step. I can’t explain to you how gorgeous it is so I will show you instead.

(Michael and me with Ethan! One of our friends that we have made here in Peru!)


​The climb up was glorious but the climb down had my legs all sorts of wobbly. I was worn out at the end of our mountain climb and we hadn’t even toured Machu Pichhu yet. A little break gave my legs some time to prepare for a tour of one the most incredible ancient Incan ruins. 


I learned so much and had the best 4th of July anyone could ever ask for. I was able to enjoy such a beautiful area with my best friend/fiancé. Safe to say that the Lord has blessed me abundantly.