Nukubolu Sleepover!

So far the highlight of this trip has been the kids and just working in the schools with them. But one of the neatest experiences I’ve had so far happened in Nukubolu. On one of our typical Fridays we were up there working in the schools and we ended up getting invited to a birthday party – so on a whim we decided to spend the night.

They had set out some mats in one of the classrooms for us to sleep, We were roughing it Fijian style. After the party (and partaking of some of the best cake ever) the kids and some of the women escorted us to our beds for the night. As we were getting ready for bed the kids all brought us blankets and pillows and then they ended up sleeping in the classroom with us.

I woke up at 3:30 AM to some happy roosters bringing in the morning and I looked around to see the kids all around us on the floor and the tables. I was so grateful to be surrounded by everyone in that room.

That morning we packed up early and trekked down to catch a bus. But I loved sleeping on the ground that night and I loved hearing the roosters in the morning and I love Nukubolu and I love Fiji.