Public Health in Thailand



We went with the hospital to the Maehang village a few weeks ago. It was an adventure from the start. We drove into the beautiful mountains and for a while our little red truck was doing great. We then started up a big hill (following the nurse and EMT in their truck) and little red couldn't make it! We got the truck back down, parked it, and waited for the EMT to come back and pick us up. For about 15 minutes we got to marinate in this lush view.

Oh and it was pouring rain. But that just made it better. (David, Sharu, David, and I waiting)



The EMT came and got us and we continued on our journey to the village. Side note- he wasn't able to turn around where we were so for a while he was driving in reverse. Keep in mind we were on a mountain and the roads here are tiny. Oh and there was a humongous drop off right next to the muddy road we were on. It was freaky. But they have MAD driving skills here. We got to the village and went into the church they turned into a clinic and were able to help there.


We were able to teach them about Dengue Fever and ways they can prevent it. I taught in English, David translated into Thai, and then the man next to him translated from Thai to their village language. (Hopefully the information was the same by the time it actually got to the villagers, we've all played telephone- we know how that could potentially turn out. Yikes!)


We also did general assessments of the people's health and then according to that were able to give them the medications they needed. I was amazed at how many people were there wanting a check up and medications that could help them. People waited for hours to be seen. These people want and need better health care, they just don't have the means. This hospital goes into this village (as well as many other mountain tribe villages) once a year to do assessments, check ups, and to help the sick people. HELP built our own health clinic that we just finished. The grand opening will be sometime this week, and then we want to do the same thing!





Getting assessments done, getting the medicine, and thanking them for the medicine. 


Sharu loves selfies. So naturally she needed a clinic face mask selfie.



Good news: I found THE cutest baby at the clinic. He kept putting his face right into mine and snuggling me. I'm shocked I didn't steal him actually. So grateful we got to come help these people in this beautiful village.