July 10th Update

This post signifies how much I love my friends and family, because it is 2 am here and while the others are sleeping I am writing a blog! This is the only time the internet is fast enough, so this post I will actually have an excuse for my terrible spelling and poor grammar. Wow! What a quick week this has been. We are to the point where we are incredibly busy so I will just get on with it! Last week I talked about the fundraiser we were doing for the rain catcher project. We raised all the money we needed after only three days. It was so amazing to see the generosity from people at home. We were all blown away! We got started as soon as the money was made and so far we have made great progress.


We started the rain catcher work at the orphanage. It was an awesome day because everyone chipped in. Dan, the owner of the orphanage, and a personal man-crush of mine, had volunteers from the community ready to help make the foundation for the rain harvester. We spent the morning carrying bricks to and from the orphanage and it was awesome because the kids came with us and helped us for the whole day. We didn’t even ask them, they just wanted to. They took ownership of their project and the rain catcher. In my opinion that is just as important as the water itself. We are hoping both rain catchers will be up and running next week!


In other news, my friend JJ and I found a huge pair of shorts.
We concluded our business training in a village called Kyemula. They were really excited to graduate and receive diplomas. Maybe someday I will receive a diploma. “Lots of people go to school for seven years…  yea, they are called doctors.”


I finished all of the rain catcher work and was able to spend the rest of the week helping my friends with their projects. It is safe to say that things got weird…
We did a dental outreach in a slum called Namatala. I have absolutely zero skill in any medical field whatsoever. But they offered me a mask, gloves, and a needle. So how could I refuse?
A dental outreach involves checking the teeth of hundreds of kids in a day. The super lucky kids get to have a tooth or two pulled. I got to watch about 50 kids get teeth pulled and I am going to be honest, about 50 of the kids had a bad time. But it helps them in the long run and saves them a lot of pain. It also would cost these kids a bunch of money if they were to do it privately. And as soon as the tooth was out the kids felt a lot better.
The next day we did a vision clinic. And by “we” I definitely mean the other smart medical people.  I had a very important job at the vision clinic and that was driving to get soda for the doctors. I picked such a good variety of different sodas. They were incredibly cold and refreshing. And because the doctors were so hydrated from the soda I got them, they were able to check the eyes of over 200 people. So technically without me none of that would have ever happened. You are welcome. We were able to supply over 100 people with donated glasses!


Probably one of the greatest projects I have ever experienced is one that my friend JJ (the one who shared the shorts with me) is working on. He has spent the last month finding villagers who suffer from cataracts, which is an eye disorder that causes blindness. He also found doctors who were willing to donate their time and offer free cataract surgeries. Today the doctors performed free surgeries on over twenty people who suffer from blindness. When their eyes are healed many people will have sight for the first time in their lives. It has been wonderful to observe this awesome project and I am super proud of my friends. 
This kid below is named Patrick. I've spent the last few days getting to know him. He is so kind and such a great kid, and tomorrow he will be able to see for the first time in his life.


Next week we will be putting on a concert for a local orphanage. My friend Isaac has taught 12 kids how to play these mini guitars. A lot of their knowledge is thanks to my fine marker board holding skills from last week. We will be performing musical numbers as well as having local musicians come and play as well. We are really excited for that, today we just had to clear it with the police to make sure we wouldn’t get arrested for having too much fun and being white (that’s a true story).
The police have actually been pretty busy this week. We have had a bit of drama in our neck of the woods. So democracy isn’t really a thing here yet. There are presidential elections coming up, and the current president’s opposition was coming to my town to campaign. He “mysteriously” got arrested on his way. People were afraid there would be riots, but the president tried to make us all feel better by sending two thousand soldiers with armored vehicles to our town to keep his opponents supporters from gathering. The story was on CNN and stuff so that's cool. Needless to say, we didn’t go out to eat that night.
We spent our weekend on the Nile River. We actually went on a float on the longest river in the world. It was really cool. I even hung out with some of my bro’s for a good fishing session. While on our boat we stopped at a shop… in the middle of the Nile River. True story, this shop was on a rock in the middle of the river.
We finished off our trip by eating yet another delicious looking fish that I caught (bought from a guy). The fish was actually delicious this time and I was assured by multiple people that the river fish are super safe to eat. Ill let you know how safe it was next week! 
I have been in Africa for the last two fourth of July's. I have such a strong love for Africa. That love also stengthens my love for my home and my country. I am so thankful to call the Unites States my home and despite how much people love to complain about it, it is the greatest place I know. So once again..... 'merica
I have only one week left. I promise to work my hardest and finish this years blog post with a bang!