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Thank you for your interest in HELP International! We train and develop  individuals to help us fight poverty and empower others around the world. Volunteers spend two weeks to three months designing and implementing sustainable development projects in community education, public health, business and many other fields of interest. If you questions about our programs, review our FAQs page or email us at [email protected].

Current Applications: 

Country Coordinator 

Summer 2021 Country Coordinator

Summer 2021 Programs

Uganda                                                  <4-12 weeks>

Fall 2021 Programs

Fall Greece                                           <2-11 weeks>

All Seasons

Global Health Internship

Do More Scholarship

Additionally, our online application system does not allow users to save and resume an application. Once you have started, be prepared to complete the entire applicationThere is a $35 application fee upon completion.

Check out more info about the individual programs below:

Spring/Summer 2021 Country Coordinator


Country Coordinators with Help International lead teams of volunteers and interns abroad and facilitate service and development projects to benefit local communities. They work with community leaders and organizations to build partnerships, assess needs, and build social programs to improve societies and support sustainable change. The Country Coordinator position is a combination of program participant mentoring and project management. Applicants should have previous leadership experience as well as international experience; please outline this in your cover letter.



Summer 2021 Program (Uganda)


Volunteers and interns travel abroad during the summer months to fight poverty in Uganda. Volunteers can serve for any of the waves listed in which they would like to work. Volunteers work with partner organizations in-country on sustainable development projects. Projects may include teaching English, building a school, improving water sanitation, building gardens, teaching feminine hygiene, and much more. Please see the individual country pages for more information. Many volunteers receive internship credit for their experience abroad, if you're interested in this make sure you include it on your application!  

Program dates and costs:

12 week: May 12 - Aug 4  $3450
8 week: May 12 - July 7  $3250
8 week: June 9 - Aug 4  $3250
6 week: May 12 - June 23  $2950
6 week: June 23 - Aug 4  $2950
4 week: June 9 - July 7  $2950


Fall Greece 2021 Program


This Fall, HELP International will be sending a team of volunteers to work with refugee populations in Greece. Volunteers will work with partner organizations in-country to provide social and emotional support and services to people seeking refuge from war, persecution, and violence. This program is for applicants age 18 to 34 unless otherwise approved. 

Program Dates and Costs:

11 weeks: Sep 1 - Nov 17   $3250
8 weeks: Sep 1 - Oct 27   $3250
9 weeks: Sep 15 - Nov 17   $3250
6 weeks: Sep 1 - Oct 13   $2650
7 weeks: Sep 29 - Nov 17   $2650
4 weeks: Sep 1 - Sep 29   $2250
4 weeks: Sep 29 -  Oct 27   $2250
3 weeks: Oct 20 - Nov 17  $1350
2 weeks: Sep 1 - Sep 15   $1350
2 weeks: Sep 15 - Sep 29   $1350
2 weeks: Sep 29 - Oct 13   $1350
2 weeks: Oct 13 - Oct 27   $1350
2 weeks: Oct 27 - Nov 10   $1350

As always, fundraising resources and assistance are available to volunteers upon acceptance to the program. Discounts for Arabic and French speakers are available based on fluency and program length.


Global Health Internship


HELP International is offering an internship program specifically designed for students in medical and public health programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. These interns will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. Global Health interns will be placed in country based on qualifications, background, and project emphasis. Interns are integrated into our interdisciplinary teams of volunteers and interns in Fiji, Uganda, Peru, Thailand, Greece, Philippines, Cambodia, and India. Examples of project experience include: 

Medical Job Shadowing: Hands-on clinical experience in a number of health centers varying in size, location, and patient demographics. Observe and assist medical professionals in patient assessment and treatment. Gain unique exposure to diseases, illnesses, and medical practices prevalent in third-world countries.
Medical Administration and Operations: Assist in general clinic operations including record keeping, data management, patient registration systems, and organization of patients. Gain valuable experience from the unique opportunity to help a new health clinic in an impoverished rural village operate efficiently and effectively, ensuring that it can provide quality healthcare for years to come.
Community Outreach: Work with local teams to help design and implement programs on the topics of HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, family planning and nutrition. Assist in research and data collection related to these topics in preparation for effective community outreach programs. 

Interns will live in a house with the HELP team in the specific country of preference and will be managed and supported by a Country Coordinator. This program is for applicants age 18 to 34 unless otherwise approved. 


Do More Scholarship


Our programs thrive off of incredible interns and volunteers who work as committed project leads, proactively brainstorm and asses needs on the ground and problem solve ways to bridge gaps in the communities in which they work. Because of this, every year HELP gives scholarships to those who demonstrate incredible leadership skills and outstanding character with our Do More scholarship. These applicants are received by nomination and after special interview, references, and application can receive a scholarship for our program for $1000-$2,500 dollars. If you know someone who fits this, please fill out a nomination form and get us connected to them!