Intern or Volunteer Abroad with HELP International!

2015 HELP International Summer Program 

HELP International volunteers and interns are passionate and committed. Volunteers and interns travel abroad to fight poverty in Peru, Fiji, India, Thailand,  and Uganda. Countries are subject to change. Volunteers can serve for one, two, or three waves, each wave being five weeks long. Volunteers work with partner organizations in-country on sustainable development projects. Projects may include teaching English, building a school, improving water sanitation, building gardens, teaching feminine hygiene, and much more. Many volunteers receive internship credit for their experience abroad.  Program costs begin at $2950 for one wave (five weeks) and then increase to $3350 for two waves (ten weeks) and then to $3750 for three waves (fifteen weeks). Wave one is May 15-June 20; Wave two is June 15-July 20; Wave three is July 15 to August 20.


2015 HELP International Summer Global Health Internship

HELP International is offering an internship program specifically designed for student in medical and public health programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. These interns will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. Global Health interns will be placed in country based on qualifications, background and project emphasis. Examples of project experience include:

  • Medical Job Shadowing: Hands-on clinical experience in a number of health centers varying in size, location, and patient demographics. Observe and assist medical professionals in patient assessment and treatment. Gain unique exposure to diseases, illnesses, and medical practices prevalent in developing countries.
  • Medical Administration and Operations: Assist in general clinic operations including record keeping, data management, patient registration systems, and organization of patients. Gain valuable experience from the unique opportunity to help a health clinic in an impoverished area operate efficiently, ensuring that it can provide quality health care.
  • Community Outreach: Work with local teams to help design and implement programs on the topics of HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, family planning and nutrition. Assist in research and data collection related to these topics in preparation  for effective community outreach programs.


2015 HELP International Fall Uganda Program 

For this Fall Program, volunteers will be traveling to Mbale, Uganda. This program will consist of two six week waves starting August 27th and ending on November 20th. Applicants may choose one or both waves. Program cost for one wave (six weeks) is $2,950 and for two waves is $3,450. As always, fundraising options and mentoring are available upon acceptance to the program.  


2015 HELP International El Salvador Program with Proof Eyewear

HELP International will be partnering with Proof Eyewear (featured on ABC’s Shark Tank) in initiatives to support the people of El Salvador. Participant volunteers will assist in executing projects related to economic development, education, visual health, reforestation, and empowerment of vulnerable populations. Program will run from May 31 to June 10. As always, fundraising options and mentoring are available upon acceptance into the program. The program fee is $1350. Fluency scholarships of $300 are available for Spanish speakers.

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